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How Do I Message Some One On Yahoo! Answers?

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    Answers offers the options of using an email forwarding system to help protect privacy, or using Yahoo! Messenger (IM) which will show your Messenger ID. It depends on each user's communications settings; often users won't allow communications.

    If they allow it and you have your own email or IM enabled, you can chat with somebody that way if they choose to respond.

    To enable your email or IM go to My Activity > Edit My Preferences > Privacy & Communications. (http://answers.yahoo.com/my-activity/edit/settings... ) Check the boxes next to "Via Email" and/or "Via Yahoo! Messenger" and Submit.

    Then in order for you to email or IM somebody they will have to have done the same thing. If you click on their avatar it will take you to their profile, and if their email or IM is enabled there will be an email and/or an IM link there. If you do not see the links then that user cannot be contacted privately.

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    Replying To Other Users

    You are not supposed to

    You have to have your Yahoo Answers Email enabled, and so does the other user you wish to contact.

    It is only for us to use here, and if you look at my page you will see the Envelope Icon and the name I use here, but not my own email


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