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Toy Story 4? Is that true?

Okay, so somebody told me that they were making a fourth Toy Story movie. Is that true? I thought Andy going to college would be the end of it.

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    Its all conjecture based on an offhand comment Tom Hanks made about being open to doing another Toy Story.

    While I am sure they eventually make another one (too much $$ to pass up), don't expect it within the next few years

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    Hopefully not.

    Toy Story 3 was pretty bad, unless they come up with some original ideas, it will probably end up being another mesh of the first two. To me the second was the best as it dealt with what actually happens with toys and it was really sad. The first is a classic, so that's next. Toy Story 3 basically took the best things from the two and combined them. It wasn't as funny and it didn't deal with anything new. It even had pretty bad timing and pacing. I'm under the impression everyone liked it just because they were happy to see a good sequel of a really old franchise, which it was, it just wasn't as great as everyone was making it out to be.

    If they made another, I hope they'd wait until they actually have a good idea.

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    there is not any doubt they are. Tom Hanks has shown that they are at present in production, yet there is not any way a employer like Disney might end this style of rewarding franchise. Toy tale has been a prevalent between followers by using fact the commencing up, and there is not any way that they had end it now. they are going to would desire to arise with something solid although, otherwise they run the possibility of relatively ruining the finished first 3 action pictures by using fact they did no longer know whilst to end.

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    Probely but Just because they write don't mean it will air.

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