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Is it true that parents know their kids better than anyone?

Is it? I'm in love with my straight best friend and his dad knows it and thinks I should tell him. His dad thinks that he(his son) would jump at the chance to be with me if he knew how I feel. So i'm wondering is it possible that his dad is right? I mean we have been best friends for a long time and he has pretty much always known that i'm gay so why wouldn't he say something him self? Should I take his dad's advice and tell him?



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    Take it from a mom, if I tell someone my kid likes them I know for fact they do. So yes it is true, yes his dad is right and maybe he never said anything because he is afraid you won't feel the same. Yes take his advice and tell him NOW!

  • 8 years ago

    No, this is just a wild assumtion made by all parents. In their mind, they feel they know you better than you know yourself because they created you, and anything and everything that they did at a certain age, you will do, eventually. But in reality, just like everyone else, your parents will only know as much as you tell them. And as for telling your friend how you feel, be careful! Should you tell him and he is indeed straight, it could possible ruin your friendship. Try giving him subtle hints that you like him, and don't make it obvious whatever you do!! If he gets weirded out or distant then it's a no go, but should he respond positively to the hints and maybe even give you a few of his own the you got the green light pal! Best of luck to you and I hope this helps! :D

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    Yes - up until a certain age.

    Then we know your tendencies, faults, habits, quirks... better then anyone else on the planet

    But your hopes and dreams? These things you need to open up to your parents about. We can't read minds.

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    No one knows until you actually do it yourself.

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