Why are some guys emberassed of being bisexual?

I just found out some guy I liked was bi and when I asked him if it was true he gave me this reaally long lecture lol so I knew he was lying when he said no I also asked my friend who'd a bouncer at a gay club and confirmed. Anyway I dont think its a big deal in fact it really turned me on but I didnt Luke the fact that he lied and kept it a secret. Anyway why are some guys emberassed to tell the girl they like? I mean I get some guys cous they're douches but why the female your with?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    Some boys are pretty cruel to bisexuals.

    A boy in my high school came out and was immediately bullied.I don't know why,but they all thought he was girly because he was gay.I guess they aren't completely educated in LGBT .I think he might not want to be made fun of.Some people are scared to come out.

    So keep his secret and hush hush!Who knows maybe he really is straight!

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