Guy i likes gf is mad cause i called her selfconceded on his wall since i unfriended reasons now what? lol ?

She says

"why don't u just shut ur ugly mouth k, ur just jealous cuz ur ugly, k so go somewhere else ugly hoe ughh :/"

I hated her since 6th grade many reasons and he's dating her cause I don't like her to make me jealous and it worked for a month now what? Ive been laughing for an hour trying to find out what to say haha any suggestions? PS he doesn't even like her and they never went out on a date or hanged out or seen each other in person. so yah

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  • Boxer
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
    Favorite Answer cannot write....spell....or connect a thought in a complete sentence but here you are at the "Group W" bench....

    Whining about something that happened on "Zuckerburg's Follly" where all it's users are simply idiots waiting for that last load of soft-serve dog poop to be loaded into their tiny little minds....One Wall....One Friend....One Poke at a time.....

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