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Help Breeding cory catfish!?

I want to make my albino corys spawn. How do you induce this?

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  • John B
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    8 years ago
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    Cories are one of the easier fish to breed. This site helped me a lot, good luck.


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  • Akeath
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    8 years ago

    First make sure you have a group with both males and females, and that you have good conditions for them as far as water quality goes.

    Start giving them more meaty food - such as frozen bloodworms. Then after a few days of this do a large partial water change with water that is slightly cooler than the tank water. This should induce them to spawn. They are more likely to spawn in the early evenings, so time the water change accordingly.

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  • 4 years ago

    Why might you placed ice on your tank? That in simple terms caught my interest... All i understand is they lay eggs and snails will devour them in the event that they are in any respect interior the tank. Even one snail could desire to devour the eggs up.

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