How do I get over my Ex?

Lately I have found myself very depressed and withdrawn, which has lead me to the conclusion that I am still not over my ex-fiancée.

We had been together for around three years, we were great together, life was going well, and while I'd had many girlfriends before her, I hadn't ever felt a connection like I did with her so I proposed and we'd been engaged for around a year. Through out our relationship, we had gone through a couple of rough patches, where she wasn't sure if she wanted to stay together, usually brought on by some outside stress in our lives. Despite that, both times we worked things out and continued on strong. However, five months ago it happened again, and this time I just couldn't see how we could ever have a happy marriage if we kept going through this. She decided to leave me, not for any particular reason other than "she didn't know if she liked being with me anymore"...

In any event, since then, we are still living together because we are both stuck on our lease until February, and neither one of us can afford our apartment on our own. I have dated a few girls since then to try and get over her quicker, but I never let any of those dates go anywhere further, feeling like it would end bad in the end anyway... I had though that I was over her, but I am thinking that I must not be, because I feel okay when I am away from her/home for longer periods of time, but as soon as I come back, I find myself right back in that hopeless and reclusive state.

So my question for all of you is how am I supposed to get over her given my situation? I hate feeling like this all the time, and its getting in the way of my friendships, and even other possible relationships.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well it's obviously going to be hard getting over a fiance. Especially when you're still living with her!! Try and get a roommate that will pay for her half and tell her to find someplace else with someone else or vice versa. You can't date when you're still living with her which is normal but it's unhealthy! You need to move on! Anyhow, if you can't find a roommate, find out how much it would be to terminate the lease. It'll probably be worth it..

  • 8 years ago

    How to get over an ex in three simple steps

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  • 8 years ago

    Get a new EX :)

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