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We're all out for the truth (I hope), how does interpreting a God solve anything for you?

Now I'm specifically referring to any of the Abrahamic God's.

How does having a belief in this entity help you in any way? Why not just say that we simply don't have answers to everything and instead therefor we strive to find those instead of inventing ideas that people can't even get along on and that in no way teaches us about reality.

Why have faith in something that isn't supported by any real facts?

Is it a lust for a meaning with life?

Is it simply because of the religious community that lets people come together?

Do you have personal experience that convinces you?

Or anything else?

Please tell.



now looking from a neutral standpoint, I see both of you have different gods.

you both say that god directs you through personal experience, but yet you describe them quite differently.

how are we actually supposed to agree on this topic? I mean you can't have it both ways no? so either one of you is right, or simply both of you are having delusional experiences? thoughts on this? cause you both know that christianity and islam is pretty much not compatible, then there is a ton of other religions and spiritual beliefs that contradicts. what does this tell us? either everyone is wrong or... ?

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