please help me calculate my GPA :(?

So i wanted help on calculating my GPA. My transcript is really messed up so i need some help.

in middle school i got a 80 in spanish first sememster and and 82 in spanish second semester. they count as credits but do they count on my GPA?

Freshman year i got:

68 in honors lit

78 in honors math

100 in guitar

83 in biology

81 in spanish

93 in health

second semester i got:

91 in on-level lit (i dropped down)

85 in honors math

91 in political science

100 in guitar

93 in biology

88 in spanish

First semester sophmore year:

88 in lit

83 in honors math

90 in chem

90 in spanish

91 in engineering

88 in world history

second semester sophmore year:

95 in literature

92 in honors math

89 in chemistry

94 in spanish

90 in engineering

96 in world history

summer school i went back and took 9th grade lit and got a 94

first semester junior year:

91 in literature

86 in AP stat

90 in AP ush

84 in spanish honors

86 in honors math

90 in physics

second semester junior year:

93 in lit

80 in AP stat

90 in AP ush

88 in spanish honors

91 in math honors

90 in physics

96 in SAT prep class in school

i took personal fitness in summer school and got 100 (it was a required course)

all of my courses were required except for SAT prep, engineering, and guitar. please calculate my GPA. all of these are my unweighted grades. i'm not sure if SAT prep, or guitar count towards my GPA but i know engineering does. please give me numeric and 1-4 based GPA for my weighted and unweighted grades.

i get 7 points for an AP or honors class. for example, i got a 90 in AP ush but it shows up as a 97 on my report card because of the seven points.

if it differs from college to college use the rules for johns hopkins and for Georgia Institute of Technology. so i'm expecting potentially 4 different GPAs. one for weighted, one for unweighted, one for GA tech, one for Johns hopkins.

i'm not sure about the class i failed. do i average it with the summer school one or just take the summer school one? and the class i failed i never got seven points on. so i got a 68 without the seven points and it shows up on my report card as a68. biggest mistake of my life.

i think tech takes away the 7 for APs and gives a .5 to the 1-4 based GPA but i'm not sure and i think there is a cap on it. please respond quickly! thank you very much!!!


each class is .5 credits. that includes the summer school classes.

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    Cannot calculate without you telling us how many credits each class is worth.

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