How to create a website?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Coffeecup Software offers an easy website builder called Visual Site Designer. You do not need any HTML experience as the site is developed visually without code. Just position your objects into place and the software will program the HTML code for you. They even offer free domains and hosting with their S-Drive service.

  • 8 years ago

    There are like 3 ways as far as I know.

    First - Learn HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) which is a language for making a website. It does require some coding skills but it is really easy to use. However if you want to create dynamic websites or maybe website that require databases you will also need to learn PHP and JavaScript.

    Second - Use one of the online site builders like , or . You can make a website for free but it's url will be displayed like and the advertisements will be all over the site. You can pay to get rid off all the ads and use your own domain.

    Third - Use programs for it. There are many of programs which allow you to customize the website the way you want and generate HTML for you. Some of those are Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Dreamweaver. Anyway with them you won't be able to make them dynamic unless you have PHP or JavaScript skills.

    The last thing I want to tell you is about domains. To publish your website to world wide web you will need a domain which is basically .com , .net , .org , etc. Most of them are paid, but the ones that are free are trials like and it lasts only for 1 year. if you want to make a site that is going to last you will need one of those expensive domains.

    About building the website, again, I would recommend you to learn HTML, PHP and JavaScript so you can make the websites the way you like. If you've never seen that kind of code before right click somewhere on the side of this or any other web page and click 'view page source' .

    That was from me, I hope you success at making the websites.

  • 8 years ago

    The quickest way to put up a website is to build a WordPress site. The free website builders build junk sites and run their ads on your site. If you want credibility, you need your own domain name.

    This free online video course will teach you everything from hosting to how to build and market a WordPress site for your blog or business. You have to provide your hosting and domain name (though the course explains these things) but the course is free. I built it for my customers who want to build websites themselves.

    You can build a free website at, but you cannot use your domain name. Same for

    You can create a facebook fan page for free, again not using your domain name.

    You can also rent a website, this place will build you a nice site and rent it to you.,/ and

    If you want to build a traditional web site, then you will have to use HTML/CSS, and this will require a course or some website editing software. This software can cost from $50 (web page maker) to hundreds. (Photoshop,Dreamweaver, ). Some of the easier to use and not too pricey are X-site pro and Artisteer.

    You can also find a nice template, and use a program like HTMLkit to edit it to your specifications. Notebook ++ is also supposed to be a good one but I have never used it.

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    8 years ago

    yes, you can create a website. For using your own domain as - you will have to pay money for it. And for paying the sites are - GODADDY.COM this is good site. And for like this - you will be getting to make this website for free but there will be sub-domain of the website - the sites are - and many more

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