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Crime documentaries, what should I do?

Recently I've had a new found obsession with crime documentaries I love watching them I find them interesting as they're filled with drama! However now I can't stop thinking about them! Their kind of messing with my head a little! Making me think about the crimes. Should I stop watching them?

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    Do you get random obsessions a lot and then find that you get bored very quickly and then move onto something else? If so, then just wait and it will pass and very soon you will have a new obsession. That happens to me constantly I get obsessed with something and I have to watch things about it, read about it, even buy things on it but then usually after about a week I get bored of it and then move on to something else.

    One time I became obsessed with watching and reading things about serial killers and was so fascinated by it. I do see what you mean, it does kind of make you feel like you shouldn't be fascinated by something like that but just cause you enjoy watching documentories about crime doesn't mean that you would ever do a thing like that or that you think that those crimes are ok.

    If you're like me though and get obsessed then really bored and move onto something new, you will be onto something else in no time!

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    I watch particularly some genuine crime documentaries. i discover them on cable channels like Spike, Oxygen, Fox, Lifetime. The Oxygen channel has a chain observed as SNAPPED that is magnificent. final nighttime there exchange into one on approximately how the Hell's Angels and the Monguls have been inflitrated via undercover officers from the ATF, it exchange into magnificent.

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    I watch them also sometimes. Possibly you could limit it to one program a week, and if you are still thinking about it, stop watching it. Maybe in a year or so you could start up again, and see how you feel. Don't worry about it, lots of people watch them, if nobody watched them, they wouldn't be on the air.

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