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why do humans have a sense of touch?

what animal did we evolve from that depended on our sense of touch to survive in the wild, other than monkeys?

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    First, we didn't evolve from monkeys. We evolved from Homo rudoflensis; essentially an ape like human. Humans are the last of the Homo genus. Monkeys have tails and great apes dont (humans part of the great ape family).

    In nature, it is a long line evolutionary history. Directly we evolved from H. rudoflensis; but that evolved from from another ape-like human and so on and so forth until it there is a common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans. Chimpanzees and humans evolved from a common ancestor, ultimately evolving into seperate species, and further adaptations becoming there respective species now.

    Now, for the sense of touch. All mammels have a nervous system. So our history of having a sense of touch probably reaches almost to other species, and our common ancestor.

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    We evolved primarily from a primitive family , not exactly an ape . Though sense is in other animals as well . It is very hard to understand how exactly we evolve how we get sense , this is more of a metaphysical question , since our soul has an instinct , our body has a brain , in thought is instinct is , which rhe nerves send a message like an electric message which is gives us sense . So we did not get it from any animal . Also , are you by any chance , do you have pakistani heritage like me , since of Your name Hassan .

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    We only evolved from apes.

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