Did I make ther right decision to attend SIU?

I will be attending Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in the fall. I am starting to rethink my decision because, I have cerebral palsy. I will bring my walker and scooter with me so I can get around the campus. When I visited the campus before I had a manual wheelchair and found it difficult to get in to most buildings, a few handicap buttons on the doors did not work. Also, the only way to get to the laundry room in my residence hall is down a flight of stairs, which I will probably have a hard time negotiating.

I was told that SIU is a very handicap accessible campus for the disabled. Is that really true? I am not "disabled enough" to qualify for an aide to help me while down there. I am hoping there will be some people willing to help me at least carry my things dow stairs.

Anyway, I am hoping someone who has attended SIU previously could give me some advice or ideas about navigating around the campus.

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  • DrIG
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    8 years ago
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    Contact the school and inquire about the disrepair and other items. Also see if the school is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. There may also be a separate office in the school to handle disabilities./

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