Is this implantation bleeding? Could I be pregnant?

My boyfriend and I had sex with a condom on the 20th but it broke and he came inside of me. That was during my most fertile time and now it's 9 days after that and im bleeding but it's not heavy and it's brow n. My period isn't due for about another 8 days or so and my period has never been early and usually it's really heavy at first.Also, i've been really tired and feel like I never get enough sleep.

Could I be pregnant or is there some other explanation?


Also, i recently checked my temperature and it was 99.1 and usually it runs along 98.5 or so.

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  • 8 years ago
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    yes it could be, and lots of people bleed during early pregnancy which is fine

    or maybe its a threatened miscarriage (which means you might have a miscarriage or might not 50% chance)

    Or it could be a early miscarriage (this happens all the time and people mistake it for their period)

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