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How should my puppies barks sound?

My golden Labrador is 2 months old. We're slightly confused about how her barks should sound. What we make out to be a "bark" could actually be a cough because it sounds alot like one. However we have already heard her cough, and her "bark's" and coughs are different, so we are not sure what her "bark's" actually are. We have heard her do a proper bark which sounds more like what we would expect, but she has only barked this bark 3 times ever. We need to find out what her barks really are or what they should sound like.

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    What has she barked at in the past? Try and put her in the same situation and see if she barks again.

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    I've owned three Goldens and they didn't have a regular bark until they were around 6 months old. Before that time there was very little vocalization, however when an actual bark developed it was very low and intimidating. Most Golden Retrievers do very little nuisance barking it's mostly alert barking and if you can't see them when you hear them bark you would think the bark was coming from a very big vicious dog, yet they are such pussycats.

  • Golden Labrador. There is no such thing. Labs come in Yellow, Black, and Chocolate only. You have a dark yellow lab.

    No two dogs bark exactly alike. If your dog's bark is raspy and cough-like then that is just what it will be. Of course it will change and possibly get deeper as it gets older.

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    All dogs bark differently.

    She's a young puppy, so her bark may sound amusing, low or even weak, it will get better as she ages.

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    Every dogs bark is different. Just like people have individual voices.

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