how to start acting career?

i'm seventeen years old and i am a girl from a small town that problaby people dont even know it exists anyways i know this might be a foolish dream but i had alwas wanted to be an actress. i used to be in plays when i was in elementery but when i got older i all of a sudden stopped. i really want to start an acting career when i finish high school next year but dont know how. does anybody know how i should start or were would be a good city to start at? any tips or anything that can help me on starting my dream?

also how many years of acting classes is required?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I am currently also looking to be a actress.... and I have found a few websites that has really help: and both are very good. There are a lot of major movies you can be in right now, Hunger games 2, another X-men and The Wolverine (just some examples of what I mean by major). These website look for actors of all ages and experience.

    So if you would like to just jump right into it and start acting these website will be very helpfull. You can just look at the websites and see if they help you.

    I hope I helped you.

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    8 years ago

    So you want to be an actress huh? First off, You don't need many years of acting classes, But If you want you could so it could look good in your resume.

    Okay, Let's start with the basics. In order to become an actress you need to audition for roles and nail them. You can't get into any auditions without an agent. In order to get an agent, You need training and experience. So start off by, Taking some acting classes, volunteering at your local theater, and attending acting workshops. Try to get involve in the acting scene as much as possible. You can even try to be an extra (Background Performer/Actress) So you can have more experience in your resume.

    Once you have training and experience, You look for an agent in your local city, And you send them your resume along with a professional headshot of you. Once the agent accepts to represent you, He will be the one who will tell you of any upcoming auditions and castings and apply you to all of them that fit you.

    One IMPORTANT Thing: There are a lot of SCAM Agencies around the US. So beware, If an agent asks for any upfront fee's or charges you for a photo shoot, Don't accept because it's a Scam. Agents only make money when you land a role. They make 10-15% of your pay check. Sometimes, Agents ask you to pay an application fee and that's it. Anything else are signs of a scam agent who won't get you anywhere and just want to take your money.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck, and Remember that dedication is the key to succeeding!

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    If you're looking for a professional career, you should start with an acting school or college with acting programs (BFA degrees). These should help you learn what you need about acting and the entertainment industry so you'll be better prepared to manage a professional career. It will also help you make contacts and gain experience that you need to get an agent and get jobs.

    How may years are required? - Honestly - none are "required". There are hundreds of people who run off to CA or NY wanting to be actors with only high school acting classes as their education. The vast majority of them never make enough money acting to support themselves and many of them just give up after a few years. Some people hold down a job, try to get acting training and audition at the same time. Some learn the business end of acting the hard way by being scammed out of their hard-earned money. If you're acting professionally it's a business and if you don't understand the industry there are many people out there willing to take advantage of your ignorance. Going to an acting school does not guarantee that you'll have a successful acting career - but it will better prepare you for one.

    But as an overview, SOME of what you need to be a professional actor:

    * Talent

    * quality and professional training in acting

    * experience

    * Headshots

    * Acting reel (video of scenes you've done on camera if you're looking to work in TV/movies)

    * Several well-prepared monologues for auditions

    * Professional resume

    * A licensed talent agent

    * To be a member of an actor's union like SAG-AFTRA or Equity (AEA) or at least eligible for it.

    * Understanding of the business end of acting to understand things like the entire casting process, how to negotiate agreements, networking, marketing yourself to agents, etc.

    Most auditions are not open to just anyone. Casting directors post casting notices through Breakdown services which are available only to licensed agents - not the general public. Talent agents goes through the breakdowns and contact casting directors trying to get their clients auditions. (Which is why you need a talent agent).

    It's is not easy to get an agent. You don't just call up an agency and hire them - or even just call up for an audition. Agents get paid only if their clients are paid (NEVER PAY AN AGENT UP FRONT). So they are very picky about who they represent and they can be picky because there are a ton more people wanting to be actors than there are parts. So, before you even begin competing for a role in TV or movies you're going to have to compete to get a good agent. And agents are looking for clients who have training and experience and will book jobs (so you both can make money).

    Plus you can't just pay a fee and join SAG-AFTRA or other actor unions you have to have the acting credentials in order to be eligible to join. Then you have to pay a registration fee. Acting classes, head shots, making an acting reel - all cost money (sometimes a lot of it). So while you're working on your acting career, you're going to need another source of income.

    Without acting school/college most of your experience will come from theater or student films or other low-to-no pay acting jobs that you can find on your own. You're going to have to understand how to market yourself to agents and casting directors in order to get auditions. It's not easy and it's extremely competitive.

    So you're talking about a huge investment in time, effort and money with no guarantee of a return on that investment. I'm not telling you to give up on your dream - just wanting to help you have an accurate understanding of what it will entail. To make your dream a reality, you're going to need to start setting specific measurable goals.

    Good luck!

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