Advice on losing your virginity? (girls..and guys..)?

Hi.. I'm 15, nearly 16. Before anyone jumps to judge, don't worry, I'm not planning on having sex yet. I'm from the UK and I have been to '2nd base' (finger/handjob) but I haven't been further (oral sex). I've been going out with my current boyfriend for just over 9 weeks, and I know we care about each other quite a lot. I think sometime soon we will go to 'third base' (oral) because we will both be nearly 16 and will have dated each other for a suitable amount of time. But obviously neither of us want to rush and he isn't pushy in the slightest. But I know that once we've been to third base, the next step is sex. Obviously I'm not planning on having it until I feel totally ready (I think I'm almost ready) and until we've talked about it and figured out when and where to do it etc. But I just have a few questions I'm worried about..

a) Does it really hurt? I know you have to relax to prevent it from hurting a lot, but is there anyway to 'break your hymen' yourself so that it hurts less? I really don't want to be screaming or bleeding or anything like that...!

b) Do I have to tell my parents? I obviously don't want to discuss my personal things with them but is it wrong if I don't?

c) Is it recommended to go on the pill? I go to a boarding school and I don't want to ask for it for no reason and if it will have bad side effects or not.. are condoms just as safe?

d) Are there any tips on making it less awkward/embarrassing/painful?


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    8 years ago
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    some girls it does hurt the first time and to make it less painful make sure you a really turned on before hand and lubricants help to.. as for telling your parents thats on you and how they would take that ...i live in the united states and i didnt tell me parents because they would freak out. and you can go on the pill for extra protection but you dont have to. make sure to have some form of protection though. and as for question D i say take it slow and start with kissing and just go with the flow dont rush and only do what you feel comfortable doing

    Source(s): me and my girlfriend
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