Should I ask my best friend out?

People had been saying that my friend, who is a girl, and I should hook up and be a couple. However, she respond to everyone is that we're just best friend just like Spongebob and Patrick. First of all, I didn't know we're even that really close and second of all, what's does that mean? Secretly, I am falling in love with her so every word she says is something I want to decipher if she feel the same back.

Second part of the question, lately, this summer, she and I had been really close. We hang out a lot and she's probably the only girl I hang out with all day. We did a lot of things together, we workout, went out on an adventure,took bunch of picture, and just recently, she post up a picture of me and her holding hands with a heart sign. I ask her why she post it and she say she thought it was cute. It may seems that she may like me but how could I know she just teasing me. She haven't respond to any my physical contact with her. I'm hoping it's just the reason she's being shy about it.

Should I ask my best friend to be my girlfriend even if it meant everything changing?


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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes, you should ask, because you can't stand leaving things as they are.

    Suggested script:

    "Look, I'm totally serious about this. So don't tease me about cute photos or TV shows. I'm falling in love w/ you and I need to know if I have a chance, or if we're never going to be anything but friends."

  • 8 years ago

    I guess the Spongebob -Patrick thing she said was the teasing.Yep go ahead and ask her you will never be sure till you do but yeah she might be shy too.

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