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Am I still High after 3 days?

Like 3 days ago I went an took like two hits, and I'm pretty new to smoking, that was only my 5th time. Now 3 days later, I still have like a light headed feeling, dizzy, and just can't think straight. Am I still high or buzzed? Or could I be just sick, (not related to the hemp)? Please help.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I dont smoke anymore because of this, to answer your question no your not still high. Its just your mind went away to a happy place when you smoked and released dopamine into your neuro receptors or w.e they're called. So your feeling like that because you basically overloaded a normal thing. It will proably take a little while for that to end id say in the next few days. Was it a bad high when you smoked? Smoking can make you paranoid btw so the more you think about it the worse its gonna get in terms of light headedness etc. Unforutnatly for me when I smoke it takes me like 2 weeks to come back but until thats up im kinda like brain dead and dont care about anything or wanna do anything. My suggestion would be dont even start, its not worth it.

  • 8 years ago

    thc stays in your body for about 30 days or more after being smoked so that may be why you're feeling that way. i used to have this too when i smoked for about a week or even more.. just depended how good the weed was lol.

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