Help me with my story?

So it's about this teenage girl who goes through the normal teenage angst. but it's not going anywhere. i need a climax..

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    8 years ago
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    You need a plot! Easy.

    You're probably thinking, "I HAVE a plot, it just isn't climaxing."

    But, you're description of the story is about a teenage girl...with normal teenage angst.The teenage angst thing is a given, there is no other way to write about a teenage girl.

    Ask yourself what your teenage girl wants? (specifically, and not like normal teenage girls. This is a person with a name in your story, with a family, with an outside world of things she wants...but one thing most of all!) (-->>THAT BTW IS YOUR FIRST TEN PAGES!!!)

    Like a physical object (even a boy), or an outcome of some sort (like winning the makeup wearing contest) or whatever! lol

    Just make it a little extreme, otherwise IT IS BORING!

    You'll know it is improving when you start to think of scenes or chapters where something exciting happens, or suspenseful happens, instead of what you probably have right now...which is where your character feels horrible because of something that didn't happen....and probably because something didn't turn's all backwards!


    The teenage angst thing is a given, there is no other way to write about a teenage girl, so don't focus on that. You won’t be able to help it, cause that is going to come out naturally for you since it's the personal stuff you've already gone through...or are currently going through.

    The plot thing comes from what you wish you could have...your fantasies, your dreams and imagination. The EXCITING, FUN, CREATIVE stuff that normal people can only read books and see films to imagine and dream about. But it isn’t just what you want, but how you could most dramatically get it too. (Like having to go to the other side of the world, get over a horrible conniving lady teacher who might be a genius but is a **blankety blank** to your girl.

    Ya know giant obstacles you would personally love to have succeeded over like a champ lol!

    Keep in touch, don’t give up! Writing is an outlet, not an obstacle.

    Here try this site

    I don't know if this lady has written anything, (those that can't do, teach...) but she has a link to YouTube where she teaches how to plot pretty much anything, maybe you can find the help you're looking for.

    Source(s): In the website it gives a little explanation on plot...there are easier ways to explain this stuff, but here's a place you can start. Click the links that say stuff like Step 18...yada yada or Step 26...blah blah to link to YouTube.
  • Maya
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    8 years ago

    Car accident, someone close to her dies, shes faces with a very important choice, love or future, yadda yadda yadda. - watch a teenage movie.

    But really you should think of it yourself. Let it come to you, don't force it.

    If you are only trying to write a story about a normal teenage girl (and it's not some assignment, it's for enjoyment) you really need more than that to start. Because with what you currently have, it can't go anywhere. Begin with an end in mind.

    Good Luck


    EDIT: In case you check back, I noticed that the other answerer gave reference to a helpful site, so I thought I'd share mine.

    There is an author named Holly Lisle, she has written and published several fiction books, and also several writing courses. An example of those that do well, can also teach very well. On her website there are several free pages with helpful writing information, separate from her courses. You can sign up for Friday emails and she sends out little tidbits of info that way too. If you check out or Barnes and Noble you can see reviews of her courses and clinics if you are interested, but check out the free stuff first. Just google her name to get to her site!!!

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