What are the advantages and disadvantaged for rooting an Android phone?

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    First what is rooting?

    Rooting is the process by which you regain administrative access to your phone.

    Pros, or Why people want to root:

    * Freedom and control, and when you root your Android phone or tablet you gain full control over your system and can tweak it to your liking.

    * Improved performance: You can speed up your Android device by relocating your phone’s cache, thus allowing you to save phone memory and have a faster phone. There are applications available in the Android Market that will allow you to overclock your device to make it go as fast as you dare.

    * Altering system files: You can replace many parts of the “Android core.” Doing so, you can add new themes, edit the core apps (Maps, Calendar, clock, etc.), change the recovery and boot images, add Linux binaries, and many more.

    * More application choices: You will be able to install apps that are only compatible with rooted phones. For instance, you can install an app for taking a screenshot of your phone, or for overclocking your device, or for tethering.

    * Install applications to your SD card: One of the most talked-about feature (or disadvantage) of any Android device is the limitation where you can install applications only in the phone’s internal memory and not the SD card. Root your phone and you'll be able to installs apps to the SD card

    * Latest Android OS (operating system): many carriers hold back the updates, rooting your device will allow to install any current and future Android.

    * Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Tethering: you can also use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth tethering to share your cellular data connection with your PC or other capable mobile devices.


    * It's risky, you can brick your phone if you don't follow the instructions

    * It voids your carrier warranty, but their are solutions for this

    Note on warranty:

    Rooting a phone will not void your manifacturer warranty,

    Source(s): Awkward copy/paste with modifications from: Rooting for dummies: A beginner’s guide to rooting your Android device http://www.androidauthority.com/rooting-for-dummie...
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    advantage: some apps require root access, and you can remove anything preinstalled

    disadvantage: risk bricking your phone, and voids your warranty.

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