Sony Vaio Laptop or Battery problem?

Actually i m runing my Sony laptop with power chord and one day suddenly it went to hibernate mode when i started my laptop again the battery health status shown me that battery is critical, and it is showing unknown remaing when i connect it...though battery is connected but when i remove power supply all goes off....i also checkd with fresh battery but it shows same thing,,,i hav to keep power chord connected all the is there any software problem or hardware problem?? please suggest me what to do..i also went to sony service center but they told there is a problem in motherboard...but my laptop working absolultely fine when its conected to power chord..i also reinstalled the OS...


some says its motherboard problem...but my laptop works fine when its connected to power chord...

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  • 8 years ago
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    may be there is a residual charge produced with in the capacitors somehow do this

    1)Take out the battery,

    2)Remove main supply,

    3)Hold power button down for 30 secs,

    4)Put only power supply in, do not put battery in

    5)Turn laptop on

    6)Put the battery in.

    if this still doesn't work ?

    there is motherboard problem...

    i also guess the problem is with your windows 7 as well some batteries were not detecting correctly..

    do this

    go to device manager and disable "microsoft acpi-compliant control method battery."

    and also i guess the connection between battery and your laptop has been short circuited..if that is the cause you have replace the motherboard..

    and there is possibility that your AC adapter is bad..if it not giving specific amount of output volts the battery will not charge...but laptop turn ON...

    here you can check your ac adapter..with a multimeter

    mostly you should get output of 19V (see on the battery the voltage should be equal to the specific output voltage on the battery)

    Always, the green/blue LED on charger needs to be constantly on. If not, replace the defective charger.

    good luck take care :)

  • 4 years ago

    there is various issues to evaluate with this subject. one million. maybe your laptop have been given virus or malware. 2. Hardware subject like RAM then the final ingredient may be maybe your battery.

  • 8 years ago

    better get new motherboard will fix the problem

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