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How is doing the backstroke or butterfly a sport, aren't they just different variations of just swimming?

If these are Olympic events, should there be an event for running the 100m backwards?


I'm just talking sh*t, I agree they are true athletes.

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    I wonder the same thing. They dont have "left-handed" basketball or slam dunk competition. They should just put them in the pool and let them swim ant style they want for one.medal.

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    As a former member of a local swim team, i have to tell you that each type is harder or easier.

    Freesyle or breaststroke is a very easy stroke whilst butterfly is a very upperbody intensive and requires a lot of chest muscles. It wuld be like running an 100m dash, skipping it, and then jogging it.

    There would be different categories for running track, different types.

    Source(s): former swimmer
  • yes it is swimming its just different type 100m backwards are you really that stupid

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