I want to leave my marriage but am afraid I won't make it.?

I have two young children and a chronic illness. I'm fit and attractive...I'm just physically debilitated with a rheumatoid condition that can limit movement and ability to sit or stand for any length of time(to say the very very least). Anyway, my husband is alcoholic. After I threatened divorce, he became sober only to reveal that he had been self medicating his bipolar disorder. I hate living with him. He's always irritable and detached, maybe made worse by his psych meds...he can't judge what feels good, 'cause I don't think he ever felt good...still drinks in secret, which hinders the efficacy of the meds...it's a mess. The thing is, he has a good paying job, so it's nice not to worry about that aspect of my disability. I need insurance for the care I'm under. My condition sounds bleak, but I do take care of everything concerning the kids and home...I don't rest as often as I should, so in other words, Hubby's not stressed by extra effort concerning that. My fear is that I have experienced a lot of stigma concerning my illness because I look 'fine' so no one understands it, and my husband's work impresses people so they downplay the lack of importance in his stability. I need to be sure he can only have supervised visitations, because of his anger and alcoholism, but I need the financial support. As a stay at home, I'm not eligible for disability. I have no reason to believe a judge would be any different from most people in how they regard my husband's status and me as a 'broken model.' Women are so screwed in family court as it is. Is it better to stay because of that? What if divorcing backfires, and I lose my kids because of my condition? Anyone have experience or know of anyone who is disabled and could make high demands in court? I've lived with it this long because I was trying to get hime help, now the kids miss him when we're away. I should have left at the first signs, yes. But I didn't, now I have kids and got sick. Is there any hope for me in getting free of the "marriage"?

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    8 years ago
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    Blind people work , deaf people work , amputees work , paraplegics work.

    The mentally handicapped work ,,, hell Steven Hawkings can't even move because of MS and he works,,,,,, If you wanted to work and " make it on your own you could but I think you would rather just take money from a man you don't love .

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