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quaker parrots that lay eggs without a mate but start at a late age?

Is this possible for a 12 year old quaker parrot to start laying eggs

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    This is not unusual for a female Parrot to lay eggs without a male being present,it's their "hormones" never remove the eggs till after she has laid her "clutch" which could be up to 6 eggs, if you remove them as she lays them this will encourage her to continue laying which will eventually kill her.

    Make sure she has Green food such as Broccoli, Kale, Sweet Corn cob, these will help replace vital vitamins and minerals which she uses in the production of her eggs and do not forget Cuttle bone.

    If you have a bird bed or house remove it because these can encourage her to lay.

    Avian Care Consultant.

  • Yogi T
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    Many parrot type birds start laying at older ages than normal . I had a Tiel that started at age five (and wouldn't stop) Also a Patagonian conure that started at age 7. My friend had a cherry headed conure that laid her first egg at the age of 17 years, She was a rescue and the vet said it was the first time she felt safe enough to lay an egg. None of these birds had mates. While starting to lay at age 12 is a bit unusual ,it is not rare. Be on the lookout for egg binding . While it can happen with any bird it is more likely with an older bird.

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    Yes, I think. Although, if it doesn't have a mate, it means the eggs shouldn't be fertile.

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    when is it safe to remove the unfertile eggs from my parrot

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