How would you handle this apartment situation?

So I got an apartment in May with a roommate. Once we moved in, some conflict arised between us. It's gotten progressively worse and so I need to get out of this situation. My roommate told me she was moving, and finally she nailed a date down, so I found another roommate. The apartment complex allowed this new person to apply, get approved, and sign her portion of the lease addendum. However, shortly after the new person and I signed, my current roommates plans fell through and so she was unable to leave. Well my new thought process was to sublet my room and get another place with the new person I found. So I went down to the leasing office to pick up applications for the people interested in my room, and they told me it was a policy I signed on the lease that we can't transfer our lease until living here for 6 months. Now for a month and a half when my roommate was planning on moving, noone told us this. Now my original question was would I have a valid court case, or argument against this. And of course, not really thinking it through, the answer was no, you signed so it's your fault. However, today I asked the leasing lady (not the one who I'd been dealing with, a newer person) to see a copy of my lease. Under the transfer of a lease portion, it states the landlord has to approve (which is normal, obviously someone has to apply and qualify), but does not state any time frame. It just says they have to approve, however by allowing someone to apply and sign a lease addendum, they already have approved, so now at the last minute they're changing their policy. I specifically did not sign for a 3 month rule, and was not told this. Now the property manager said tomorrow she'd check with her supervisor to see if there could be an exception made, but if there can't, how would you approach the situation. Obviously if the lease says they have to approve, then sure they have to approve, but I didn't sign anything with a specific policy and I wasn't told this "policy" by multiple staff managers including the property manager herself until 2 days ago when they just decided it was a good idea. If I had signed on 3 months, then sure I'd have no case, but I didn't. Please be respectful with any answers, thank you.

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    You have no case for anything. You have a lease and they have to approve. They can do this within any time frame even if it is not in the lease.

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