Rasmus for LaRoche Trade?

Should I trade Rasmus for LaRoche?...I'd be getting LaRoche. I need a 1B and have too many OF's (Ichiro, Ethier, Cespedes, Jennings, Cain, Ruggiano, Stanton (DL), Bautista (DL). It's a keeper league, but I can only keep 10 guys and I don't think Rasmus would be in the top 10 if I kept him... Should I make this trade?

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you need a 1B I would make this trade! You have an overcrowded outfield esp when Stanton and Bautista come back, and you would be getting a lot of value out of Rasmus by trading him for LaRoche. This is a good trade, I encourage you to do it.

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