Fallout 3 settings reset?

I recently asked a question here about what settings I needed to change in order to be able to see the enemies outside of VATS ( View Distance in Advanced options in the launcher. ) I did that. Change to a little bit higher so that I can see enemies better from a distance. ( not talking about perception, mines 8..) And it works fine. I can actually see the muties shooting at me.

This hardware detection thing that comes when I start the game says it changes my settings to medium. The only thing IM changing is the Object Fade ( from 2 to 6) and the Actor Fade ( from 2 to 8 ) .. It works just the way I want it, exept when I close the game, and the start it again, this detection comes again and sets the settings to Medium (Which I already have, and dont need to change) AND it changes the Object and Actor fade back to 2. -.- ( making me NOT seeing anything again)

So~~ My question, is there a way to disable/turn off this auto-detection so that I dont have to change the fades EVERY time I launch the game?

I will love you forever if you know how.. <3

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    8 years ago
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    I guess you can save the setting after you change it inside the launcher exe.also,next time use the Fallout3.exe straightly.or use Fallout Mod Manager to launch the game.it should be no more auto reset.

    Source(s): works to me.
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