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How to remove rear leaf sping on ford ranger?

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    Note: this job could be much harder if any of the bolts are frozen up with rust. You might end up having to saw or chisel off some frozen bolts. If any weld-on bracket parts are broken, you will have to grind them off and re-weld them. A simple replacement should not require removing the bed with either a crane or a bunch of people. But, if you have to chisel, grind or re-weld anything, you might have to remove the bed, to gain access for major repairs of broken and frozen parts. Check all existing parts carefully to see if any thing besides the leaf springs needs replacing.

    Safety note: You will need a good jack and one set of jack stands at a minimum. When I used to work under my cars. I was always paranoid that the car would fall on me and crush me. Not a bad thing to be worried about. Some rusted old parts require a lot of muscle, pounding, shaking and wiggling to remove. I always used two sets of adjustable jack stands. I adjusted one of the sets slightly lower than the set that the car was resting on. That way, if the car falls off the first set of jacks, the second set might catch the car. Be very careful to check that all jack stands are resting on even surfaces and nothing is leaning over. Periodically check each jack stand to make sure you haven't jerked or pounded on any parts hard enough to send one of the jacks sideways.

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