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Anyone know where I can buy an SSR 125cc pitbike automatic brake lever?

Before you say, get a real bike.... I KNOW! It was my first bike and was so excited, from reading the description giving by the site where I purchased it.. turned out to be junk because some of the pieces seem unique, and not to mention speed wise, it only does 35 mph. Their site said 55+mph. (Powersportsmax) Again it was my first bike and did not want to mess up the transmission buying a manual, and furthermore I now know automatics are CRAP and no way they can do 50 mph! Have no friends or siblings that ride. I've look almost everywhere and can not find it, Ebay, Amazon, pit bike selling parts sites, and local motorcycle shops. The brake lever I'm looking for is far smaller than the regular 50-150cc brake lever offered by all sites, I've purchased 2 so far and both came up big, a universal brake lever for 50-150cc Chinese pit bikes. Maybe if I just replace the master cylinder and buy a standard one would solve my issue, because the gap on mine where I insert brake lever is smaller than standard ones. Thanks for reading my issue, any links or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Don't beat yourself up about buying the bike, you don't need to justify it to anyone.

    However, you're now finding out why these things are cheap - spares are very difficult to find for them, even for obvious things like brake levers.

    I can't help with finding a lever, but do learn from the experience. Buy something with decent spares backup when you progress onto full sized bikes, that probably means something not Chinese.

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