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I met this guy and emailed him but why am I not getting a response?

I met this guy on yahoo answers and I helped him with something. He messaged me and I responded and we talked back and fourth giving advice. I emailed him two days ago saying it was nice to meet him and he seemed like a nice guy. I never got a response. I kind of fell for him while talking to him. A friend of mine said my message never indicated that I wanted a response from him so he probably didn't think I wanted him to respond. I really like him and I would like to maybe be friends with him but I'm afraid I scared him away. I don't know if I should email him again because I don't want him to think I'm being annoying. Should I email him again? What should I say? He did tell me last time we talked that he respected me.Thank you for your help and if you have questions I will add details.


If I do email him back how long should I wait for a response before I do? What should I say if I want to show I want a response if the last email didn't indicate it?

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    Give it some time if he does not get back to you with in a week try one more email just pretend you were not sure if the first one went threw or not so you wrote again it happens. Otherwise if you do not hear from him I would say he just did not feel the same way as you do :-( and move on.

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