I have quastion about Ubuntu?

How can i watch netflix on ubuntu with out dual boot windows or installing under virtualbox is there other way to do it i don't want to use windows on laptop.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You really can't do much other than complain and hope they change their policies.

    The workarounds you mention are the only ones at this time.

  • 8 years ago

    There is currently no simple solution to watching streaming movies via Netflix (Watch Instantly) in Linux for any Linux distros besides Android based computers. Netflix has not released a player that will install in any of the others.

    This is because they use Microsoft Silverlight plugin with DRM. Although there is a Linux alternative to Silverlight called Mono/Moonlight, it does not have any DRM built in and it is very unlikely Microsoft will ever make a DRM option for it. Netflix has stated they will not use anything without DRM. So if Netflix continues to use Silverlight, then there will be no Linux support.

    This how to works around this problem in a very non-ideal way. It relies on running Windows in Linux. If you have a Mid to High end system this howto will probably play Netflix fine. If your system is Low end or an older system, this how to will still work, but video will be choppy. Audio will probably be fine.

    So the only way to watch Netflix in Linux is by running a virtual machine.

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