Last story lines of "Batman" and "Detective Comics"?

DC Comics ended it's original run of the two Batman titles in October of 2011. The final issues were Batman #713 and Detective Comics #881.

I'd like some more information about them, so this question is to those of you who have read those two comics.

Are either one of them a self contained story? Or are there issues that lead up to them?

And if there are more comics in those stories, please list the issues needed to complete the story arcs.



PS- Here are links to cover images of the comics if they help.

Batman #713:

Detective Comics #881:

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    Detective comics one is apparently an 11 issue story arc. Not exactly 11 straight issues of the same story, it was build up during half of it (and the back-up story [Skeleton Keys] was a direct lead up to the final issue) That's the overall story arc and has each issue with descriptions of each. I really liked the whole James Gordan, Jr. story, I keep hoping that it'll be continued pretty soon in the New-52.

    I can't really remember anything about 713 off the top of my head, but according to here [ ] it is a stand alone issue.

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