Hate family life.. Cancer ascendent?

I'm a Virgo sun, libra moon, Leo Venus, libra mars, libra mercury and Jupiter...I also have a cancer ascendent . I'm really introverted and I can't stand my family.. I wish I can just go away and never come back.. Idk if it's my cancer ascendent which indicates a stormy family life. Even if they try being nice, Deep inside I feel like telling Them to shut up and leave me alone


My pluto is in Scorpio and my Pluto is trine ascendant

Update 2:

My question is what in my chart makes me feel this way ?!!

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    It definitely has nothing to do with your Cancer ascendant but it's highly likely to be to do with Pluto and perhaps it's in your 4th house, badly aspected or it's 90 degrees away from your ascendant. Nothing you've mentioned suggests what you describe.

    That's if you've always been this way inclined, not just for a while.

    Edit: Pluto trine ascendant gives powerful desires to change or transform society or the behaviour of others, but I don't thinkit causes your unrest; it certainly will help you to achieve what you want though.So Pluto is 4 signs away from your ascendant and is in your 5th house? this places Libra in your 4th house, so is Mars there?

    If so, you need some sort of calming influence because you have an inner force, stirring you to set down your own foundations for life and your own security.There's chances of great dis-harmony in your home-life; this carries on untill it's recognised, understood and sorted. Untill then, all intimate relationships to do with your home life can be iffy. If your Mars is afflicted, you will have problems related to one parent and also when you try to move.

    You appear to have a lot of planets in the bottom half of your chart, that tends to make someone an introvert.

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    I think it is your Libra Moon and Libra Mars as our Moon represents our home and family and well Mars is how we battle, what kind of 'warrior' we are. So even those two in Libra would SEEM to get along well with the family because Libra is really a friendly sign, just having Mars nearby gives your Libra Moon some anger at your family.

    I too have this aspect in Sagittarius and one night at a contemporary church band rehearsal (I wasn't getting along with my family after my Dad died as so many things changed that were not good) I looked at the drummer and said, "I hate my family." He just looked so shocked! That I would even speak such a thing in a church too! So I understand these feelings that you have toward your family.

    We learn our toughest Life Lessons often through our family and for some reason you were born into your family (as I was too) in order to learn to love those that hurt you. It took me decades to learn this. But many things happen "behind closed doors" that the public have no idea exactly what's going on and this too is frustrating, or was for me! Outwardly all seemed fine but the reality is that I had big mother issues and sibling abuse issues too.

    So as you age I suggest you try to forgive them as I have pretty well done though there are still things that upset me. I hope I can overcome and completely forgive because I do NOT want to have to repeat this life lesson over and over in my next lifetime(s). So maybe just give them lots of "room" and make sure you have a place that is "your own" when you are upset. I used to go in the basement and hide beside a chair and read which kept me "away" from the people that angered me so. I suggest you do the same.

    And the problem with this aspect is that you want your family to love you and those feelings of "hate" aren't good for you so learn how to slam a pillow and cuss or do whatever you need to do in private to get those feelings out of your system. I hope you find resolution long before I did.

    Wow I just noticed you have Libra Mercury and Libra Jupiter too which increases that Libra Energy within you. Often when Mercury and Mars are conjunct or close in the chart that makes it quite easy to verbally attack others when they act ugly toward you. I imagine you can be quite verbal when you are upset, which is actually a normal thing to do. Because when we are upset we say things that we feel at the moment so all know that you aren't happy with the situation. This increases that stormy family life even more. And Jupiter 'expands' so when you are upset, you are REALLY upset!

    So you aren't alone. You are just honest enough to know there is a problem between you and your family. Forgiveness is the true healer of these aspects but when young it is difficult to forgive. I have found that when a family member says I am too fat or something like that I just agree with them because how can you fight with someone that is agreeing with you? You just can't. It doesn't work all the time but at my age of 56 I have found it is just easier on me and usually it freaks them out so I enjoy that aspect of agreeing with them LOL

    So avoid them as much as possible because I did try to talk about these issues when I was young but it fell on deaf ears unfortunately. So I learned that I had to change the way I behaved in order to change the status quo of being the black sheep as I felt I was lacking in so many ways.

    Remember that you are worthy of love and though you do not feel that through your family you will have romance that lets you "see" how worthy you are of love. What we don't get at home we search for elsewhere. I unfortunately looked for love in all the wrong places and was very promiscuous just "trying" to find love so please don't make that mistake as I did!

    And remember that life is about "change" so as you age there will be times when you must pull together as a family (such as when someone dies) and weirdly so this can bring a family together though it shouldn't have to be that way. Do your best to stay out of any arguing that goes on and one day in the future I feel you will not feel this 'hate' as strongly as you do now. That has been my experience anyway.

    Good luck and bless you and always remember this is a Life Lesson in forgiveness. So do you best not to make any new negative karma with them even if you have to ignore them! I know you don't want to repeat this anger in your next lifetime so use any means necessary to try to "cope" with this anger. I wish you well always.

    Source(s): EDIT: Your Cancer Ascendant governs your personality and are usually quite shy and introverted but all that Libra Energy probably "squares" (personal discontent) your Cancer Rising so you also feel this anger in your personality too. Again another life lesson on forgiveness as this does affect your personality and not in a good way either. Keep working on it or forgive them as you need some way to escape so again I suggest a place that is "yours only" to go to when you are feeling overwhelmed with anger toward your family. Again I sure do wish you well.
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    Im a cancer moon & I don't really like my family either but it's only because I can't stand my loud/violent gemini dad & too contolling/over protective scorpio mom . I just want to be on my own and think for myself because my family is too overbearing sometimes . Maybe your the same ..

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    I don't think it's the Cancer. I'm a cancer sun and moon and I love my family. They mean the world to me and no matter how annoying they are, it's an unconditional love, yknow since they brought me onto the earth and revolved their whole lives around me. I owe it to them.

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    I kinda don't trust my family. it's not their fault, I try to communicate with them, but we talk in two different languages, literally. I want to go away. I want to stay somewhere else for a long time.

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    It's because you are a Virgo.. Virgo and Pisces complains too much about their family.. It's not because you're a cancer rising.. It's you!

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    Source(s): I HAVE pluto is in Scorpio
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    is this a question....or a rant?

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