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How to look pretty dressed as a girl?

Hi Ladies, I am a crossdresser and I need some makeover ideas please!

Can you please help me with suggestions for hair, make up, nails, accessories,

treatments, clothes, shoes?

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    Hey, for hair you can try straightening it, curling it, and Kinking it, or pretty braids like dutch, waterfall, and french braids buns, ponytails beach waves...

    Makeup try mostly natural colors: browns,golden blues,purples greens

    put mascara I suggest falsies maybe even the mega plush don't put fake lashes those hurt!

    You could try eyeliner or why not use black smoky eyeshadow to put as eyeliner it's thick enough and it's amazing.On to nails get fake nails to start out the school year. Buy the sally Hansen magnetic nail polish, get the Kim Kardashian nail collection. Don't forget the sally Hansen marker design, way better than toothpicks. accessories don't over do it go with a cute necklace with earrings dangly and normal, bracelets, anklets, headbands, clips, and flower clips.

    I like getting a back to school mini makeover : Mani-Pedi, eyebrow wax, sally Hansen microwavable leg wax strips, hair cut exercise lose a (few pounds). Get clothes you like your style and taste at cheaper stores like forever 21, jcpenny, khols, aeropatale, tjmax, and wet seal!Shoes 1-2 pair of athletic footwear, 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of slippers, 1 pair of sneakers, 2-3 pair of flats, and 1 pair of heels :)

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    Okay, so for hair, you need to have a sexy hair cut, like layered with a side fringe and dyed an unnatural hair colour, or if you can't, black, and use some green and pink hair extensions. If you are allergic to hair dye, just use vegetable dye. For make up, you need foundation, eyeliner, blush, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick/lip gloss, or you could use both.

    First apply the foundation, and then blush, try to use a pinkish blush and brush it up to the hairline, make it faded, not like pink circles on your face, or under your cheekbone you could use dark blush, and this will give your face a nice shadow affect. For eyes, put the eyeliner on the bottom of your eye, next to your eye, and if you want, on the top. Do a flick in the corner if you want, then put on some eyeshadow, the colour is up to you, but put darker colour on the bottom of the eyelid and gradually get lighter, don't go up to your eyebrow, it looks stupid. For nails, get french tips, or any colour you want, just paint them! Wear bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and rings, if you have your ears pierced, earrings. I'm really not sure about treatments, but just shave your legs and armpits. For clothes, wear what you feel comfortable in, like chino's and vest tops. Wear shorts with tights. Hope i helped!

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    sure first of all don't wear to much makeup you will look totally like a s*** and we don't want that put on natural makeup you can find great tutorials on youtube.You can make side bangs they are great and then straighten or make wavy hair but don't overdo with accessories you can even dye it.with the nails hmmm. keep them mid length and paint them with colors that will suit what you are wearing .wear things you are comfortable in and make you look god fingers away from fishnet tights they are horrible as for shoes if you are tall and good build avoid wearing higheels you will look really big wear flats instead .i think that's all.Hope it helps

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    Leave your hair down, wear pretty make up, wear pretty nail polish, wear bracelets, necklaces purse, etc..., pretty clothes, nice shoes. Good luck!!

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    8 years ago

    As for makeup you should look up contouring videos on YouTube I find contouring your face really makes makeup look good an you can emphasize your best features

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