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Movie the dark knight rises?

So does Batman really die? Because Alfred sees him in the end or was that just a fantasy?

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    he is still alive. remember how the vehicle has autopilot? batman wasn't in it when it blew up.

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    NO! he did not die!

    Near the end of the movie there is a scene that a lady asks the policeman (john Blake) what is his real name and he replied"ROBIN'. This scene was quickly followed by robin s discovery of the bat cave. with this revelation it s only logical to think that there is going to be another sequel which batman and robin is together on the stage, and i don't think DC can afford to kill batman who knows maybe one day he will join some ridiculous organisation(maybe one formed by a black man with an eye-patch) to save the world. For those who argue that the last scene when Alfred saw batman and the catwoman together being a fantasy, it is totally not true as Alfred doesn't really know much about the catwoman much to fantasize about her with batman. Plus catwoman's absence from batman's supposedly "funeral" also proves that point and the last scene was actually real. And the most obvious clue that he didn't die, the auto-pilot was fixed.

    thank you for reading!

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    Well another director needs to pick up from here and make Batman and Robin next and after that when the next Superman flick releases it all way for the Justice League...

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    probably real so they can make money on another movie

    the Justice League

    people will freak if he isn't Batman

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    I'm guessing it was real becuz when I asked my family if it was his fantasy they started yelling at me telling me it was real

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    He got the aids

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    He's immortal.

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