Maxda rx8 fuel efficiency?

i have a 2004 mazda rx8 with around 95,000 miles on it. I always use premium fuel and car gets around 21 ish mpg which isn't all that great. are there any aftermarket parts that make the car more fuel efficient that aren't super costly? I've been told that adding twin turbos or other forced induction will make it more fuel efficient but i think that was just the guy at the shop trying to weasel me into buying them.

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    8 years ago
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    MPG Caps

    Increases the power of the car and allows you to save any kind of fuel, about 25%.

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    Generally speaking, cars have to balance performance with fuel efficiency. The RX-8 is no exception. The rotary engine isn't known for great mileage, and the fact that you are getting 21 mpg is really good (I'm getting an average of 17). There are some things you can do though. Slapping on twin turbos (or any FI for that matter) won't necessarily help. Unless the turbos are turned for fuel efficiency, all you'll do if add more power. The two main things you can do are to add an intake such as a cold air intake or a short ram intake and reducing the weight of your car. The intakes will provide cooler, denser air allowing for more of the fuel to be burned each stroke of the engine. By not using your car as a truck and removing all unnecessary weight, you can increase not only your mpg, but the performance, handing, and tread life of your car.

    Regardless of what you decide, driving habits are the largest impact of your mpg. I drive my 8 like a race car, so I get low mileage. if you shift at low rpms (below 3-4k) instead of taking it up to 9k, you'll notice quite a difference. One caveat though: once a day, you need to rev your engine above 6k rpm. This helps to clear out some of the carbon from your engine. Think of it as a laxative for your rotary engine. LOL

    Lastly, bookmark in your browser. The guys there have done just about everything you can think of with an RX-8. They really know their stuff and are always willing to help out.

    Source(s): RX-8 owner, member, worked in Mazda auto garage
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    Sorry but the only thing that has been proven to improve MPG fiqures is driving style. There just are not bolt on parts that always gets the desired results. Turbo chargers and forced induction will not work for this purpose. Yes running a few more pounds of air in the tires might help, but not in the inductions system.

  • You might want to replace the engine seal at this point, that would be the closet to improving gas mileage on the mechanical end. Another option would be to re-route your trips for fewer stops. Most fuel combustion engines return better gas mileage when they run continuously the rotary is no exception.


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    8 years ago

    No. There is no real product that improves fuel efficiency.

    Only your driving style and the weight of the car.

  • 8 years ago

    when you want a nice car you pay the price nothing really helps the gas but just enjoy the 9000 rpms

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