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What is the significance of living parallel lives with someone?

Have a friend who I met about 3 years ago. We don't get to regularly get to see eachother but live like 5 mins away. It's like everything that happens to her either happens to me later or before it happens to her, it's kindda weird! Like if someone close to her passes away, a few months later someone I love does the same; we both have the same life experiences too, we both live alone, we're both introverts, we worked for the same company and stayed the same exact time there, we're both in our 30's etc.

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    In my opinion all that means is that you too are very similar and either it's a crazy huge coincidence, or you both attract the same types of energy. I'm a believer in karma, and that your actions now determine what happens to you later, so perhaps you and this friend are very similar and your actions are similar, which in turn attracts the same types of karma and the same things happen to both of you. That's just my opinion though, perhaps those who believe in the super-natural have a different opinion.

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