Chemistry problems. PLEASE HELP.?

a) Methane gas is compressed from 20 L to 2.5 L at a constant temperature. The final pressure is 12.2 atm. What was the original pressure?

b) Suppose that the pressure in an automobile tire is 2.30 atm at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. What will the pressure in the tire be if, after 10 miles of driving, the temperature of tire increases to 47 degrees Celsius?

(c) If a sample of 4.17 L of ethane gas, C2H6 at 745 degrees Celsius is cooled to 175 degrees Celsius at constant pressure, what is the new volume?

Note: You can answer as many as you can. Please help, I'd be still grateful if you answer at least one of the above.

2 Answers

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