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Am I turned on by him or just horny?

Well I am a 15 year old girl and last night I almost had to come face to face with my friends brother who is older by two years and I really didn't want to because I was wearing, well I just looked like a slut. Shorty shorts a see through shirt and a pink bra. But I asked my friend if he was home and she said no and I was like good it how do you know what I was worried about. So then she was like oh I thought you meant if he saw you he would and go in his room. And I was like No! I mean yes but now that you say it outloud i see..things.. And she screamed eww stop! So I did but for the rest of the time I was there I had a weird knot in my stomach and goosebumps. Was I turned on by the thought of him or was I just horny???

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    They are both, you were turned on and horny.

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    You haven't written clearly enough for me to completely understand the story but from I have gathered, you didn't want your friend's brother to see you when you were at you friend's place because you'd be uncomfortable and he'd think you were a slut.

    But now that your friend has let it slip that her brother finds you attractive and even sometimes gets turned on by seeing you around, you're beginning to think of him differently; and by differently I mean romantically. So to answer your question, you are developing a crush on him, which means he "turns you on". You aren't just randomly horny.

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