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Im basically screwed... 10points immediately to anyone who can help?

I withdrew from high school at age 17 to attend beauty school. I am taking my GED on the 25th of august and I start at cosmetology school on september 10th. I want to live with my boyfriend of 3 years because 1) My parents are forcing me to move out by september 15th. 2) my boyfriend goes to college right up the street from me and could take me every morning. 3)my parents are highly emotionally absusive and both are alcoholics. So, my boyfriends mom said I could live with them under the conditions that I get my GED, enroll in college & have a job. My only problem is getting a job. I've been applying for jobs since I was 16, gotten 3 interviews in my life and all 3 never called back. I seriously need a job by september 1st or I'm screwed. Who can give me advice on how to get a job by september 1st? I seriously need one so bad but have no transportation and most places hiring are in different towns. Help!! I'm willing to take busses places and everything but when I turn in applications I never get called back or when I get interviews they never call back. Plz plz help!!!

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    Don't wait for them to call you back - CALL THEM back. Call back 3-5 business days after you originally applied, and follow up often. Also, don't limit where you're applying. If you really need money to pay for school, you should be open to all your options - even food service. Also, try applying at salons and other beauty businesses as receptionists or shampooers or even cleaning staff. Whatever it takes, right? :) I wish you the best of luck! There are other options to help lighten the burden to pay for beauty school, too:

    1. Start working at a job now and save as much money as humanly possible. That means skip the Starbucks or fast food, stay in instead of going out sometimes, and really buckling down to put as much money in savings as possible. This might also mean having a part-time job while you're going to cosmetology school to keep up with the payments.

    2. Look into student loans. Definitely shop around and get the best rate and payment schedule so you don't get ripped off, but student loans are another way to help pay for school that you can begin repaying after you graduate.

    3. Apply for cosmetology scholarships. For example, this is a $2,500 cosmetology scholarship that is given away every 3 months. The next deadline is July 31, and after that is October 31. Here is a list of other cosmetology scholarships to look into:

    4. Talk to your cosmetology school about financial aid options. Is your school accredited and able to offer Title 4 federal financial aid? Do they allow you to break up the cost of school into a payment plan that's a little easier to reach?

    I really think you should do all 4 of these things to be able to pay for beauty school. I just hope that the cost of school doesn't stand in the way of you pursuing your dream!

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    Landing a job is becoming more difficult these days.

    Have you prepared a CV ( a sort of outline of education, skills,hobbies and interests etc) and does it reflect your abilities. Often it is 'clever' wording which gets you noticed.

    Try looking back at how you made your applications to see if you can improve your appeal to a prospective employer. When you do get interviews, dress smart (without overdoing it) and be alert and honest when asked questions, and of course be confident.

    You certainly have a number of challenges right now, but take one step at a time and stay calm.

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    I know this is in Singles & Dating category, but I'm gonna have to turn it into "Tips for applying for jobs".

    Leave a good first impression in your interviews. Smile a lot, but not too much. Laugh a little so the employer knows your relatable and friendly. Be committed and last but not least if you're trying to get a job, get a job at something you enjoy or you're gonna be late, quit and you'll have to find one all over again.

    :) Good luck

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    No one is going to hire you without a means of transportation. But wal-mart, any fast food restaurant, and other such jobs will take anyone.

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    i have a feeling that you have either not applied at that many jobs or that you are just only trying to apply at places that you wanna work. sometimes you just gotta suck it up and work somewhere sh!tty for awhile.

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    don't live with your boyfriend. I promise there will nothing good out of it and it will only get worse.

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    get your license

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