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HELP! How can I tell if my hamster is pregnant?

Okay July 15th i bred my 1 and half year old female Syrian hamster (when i bred her July 15th she was 6 days away from being exactly 1 year and a half old), they had a good 30 minuets or so mating and they both stopped after 30 or so minuets. So 4 days later (when she was supposed to be in heat but if she wasn't that could mean she is pregnant) i checked if she was in heat, and she wasn't in heat (i even checked at 8:30 PM on the 19th of July when she was supposed to be in heat that 4 days after the breeding, any way at that 8:30 PM the 19th was the time but i bred my female the 15th of July, i bred them July 15th at around 8:30 PM) so i thought she could be pregnant. Then i went on a trip July 22nd to July 15th, and when i got back i checked my female and she wasn't big at all! So i thought she probably wasn't pregnant, and again i calculated the date from when i bred her to when she would be in heat again (she was for sure in hat that day I bred her because she did her mating position, she had that smell and she let him mate with her). So yesterday i checked if she was in heat (because that was the for sure day she was supposed to be in heat) and again she wasn't in heat. To really find out if she wasn't in heat yesterday I put the male and female together and the female didn't want to mate at all! She actually looked like she wanted to bite or fight him, so i separated them after i knew she didn't want to have anything to do with him. Ever seance that day i bred them i have been checking (except the days i was gone on a trip) almost ever day and always the day she was supposed to be in heat, to see if she was in heat. And today just about a half an hour ago i checked again and did the same as yesterday, and again she wasn't in heat and wanted nothing to do with it (i was just checking if i got the dates mixed up or if she was in heat today), but she wasn't in heat again.

So could she be pregnant?

Also if she is pregnant then i calculated her due date to range from July 31st to August 2nd.

Thanks :)

P.S, also how could i tell if she is pregnant other then the obvious ways like hording food and making a nest, but i have been seeing her getting a little more food then usual in her resting area and when i put her in the hamster tank a few day sago she got a lot of bedding and stuffed it in her cheeks which she never does. Also, as i said, she is not that big at all she doesn't look as big and not big at all, compared to her last litter (her tummy is not as big as it was when she had her last litter last year)

Thanks Again :) And i know i already asked this, but no one answered on the last one :(


Well for the past few days (2-4 days) my female doesn't want to go near the male when he is around (when i want to see if she is in heat) and she doesn't like being held that much any more (she sorta freaks out) she squirms more then she used to.

Update 2:

Andrew, Are you serious?! Please be telling the truth! If you are that's so cool! I will try that maybe there is one some where in the house. Thanks

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    Recognize when a hamster is pregnant by observing an increase in activity, especially in regard to nesting behaviors. Pregnant hamsters will begin to prepare the bedding area by adding more cedar chips to the existing nest. In addition, the female hamsters will also begin to hoard food, usually hiding it directly under the nest.

    Observe any increases in weight gain in order to recognize signs of pregnancy. While a pregnant hamster may not show a bump in her belly until 4 or 5 days before giving birth, you should notice a rapid increase in the girth of the animal. This is usually caused by an increased appetite and should start just a few days after conception.

    See whether your hamster is drinking more water than usual. Excessive thirst often accompanies pregnancy in hamsters, but it may also be a sign of gastrointestinal distress from fruits and vegetables as well.

    Watch the hamster in question to see how she interacts with other hamsters in the cage. You will be able to recognize a pregnant female if she suddenly begins fighting with the others and protecting her nest. A pregnant hamster may also be more reluctant to let you handle her, and she may even bite you once or twice to let you know she is displeased and uncomfortable with being held.

    See whether a hamster's nipples begin to protrude from her abdomen. This will occur about a week before the babies are born. The nipples should be clearly visible in all but the longest-haired varieties of hamsters, such as the dwarfs.

    Make arrangements once you recognize that your hamster is pregnant. Isolate her from the other hamsters, and consider whether you will keep the babies or find homes for them once they are 4 to 8 weeks old. Remember that the offspring can mate when they are 8 to 10 weeks old.

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    You can actually feel her stomach and tell if she is pregnant. Basically, just be gentle, and I don't know how to describe what you're feeling for, but you will know it when you feel it. Kind of like little lumps inside that just wouldn't be felt on a normal hamster. I know this sounds like a stupid simple answer, but it works, I worked at a vet clinic for a few years.

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    I wouldnt advise feeling her stomach you may press to hard and hurt her babies, you can put her in a plastic box (with air holes in) wait for her to wee, wen she wees take her out and tip the wee into the corner, you can then use a pregnancy test on this urine

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