Video games in decline? Why? What's the future?

Hey guys,

I grew up in the 80's with old school Nintendo, then Genisis, PS 1, etc.

I recently read that video games sales have been terrible for several years.

Do you think it's because the guys that grew up with video games are getting older with families and jobs and don't really have the time to play video games like they used to, and younger people have more options (awesome computer games, i-Pad, flash games, etc)? What do you think the future of video games is?


81 here. Sorry dude, absolutely no high-fives for techno. . . although the soundtrack for Mortal Kombat will always bring a smile to my face.

Now, if you wanna talk Industrial. . .

Update 2:

Hey, "I ate your cookies" (cool name, bro). This is common knowledge.

The latest call of duty does well, but many other games don't. And they don't do well over and over.

if you want to educate yourself. There are many other sites.

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    Well I'm just like you, born 84. High five for Techno.... No? Ok.....

    Anyways think about it. I can download a free game on my android phone that has graphics equivalent to a original playstation! Hand helds are done, if Nintendo and Sony were smart they would let the current hand helds fade away with sales and get deep into low cost phone download games that offer better quality then the freebees.

    For the Consoles, they are aged systems that are still incredibly good. But with the manufacturers making online gaming that only work with the first purchase, still expensive games, and the economy sucking is why they are failing. They need new low cost hardware to try and compete with people having high power computers and cheaper or free download games via PC. Low cost hardware, lower cost games, and for gods sake some new original ideas! Stop violating the classics and making sequel #79 to what ever worked 10 years ago.

    Gamer for life, but no time or money for new games LOL.

    WOW, Got a asker's response! Got to love it. Ok no Techno, how about white pants and pink shirts for guys and the high rise bikini bottoms for gals? Ahh, got to love the 80's... Never a time quite like it.

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    The main reason video game sales have been in decline is because of people not being able to afford to go and buy a $60 game when it first comes out. Most people prefer to wait till it gets in the $40s or $30s before buying it even if they really want it. And seeing all the new gaming devices coming out I believe that the future of gaming relys heavily on total immersion. What I mean is you are the hero or villain in a game and when you move your left arm they move there left arm and you see through there eyes. The virtual boy tried to do that but it failed horribly. The Wii was the first to really implement motion gaming. Then Sony made the ps eye and Microsoft made the Xbox Kinect. I have played a Xbox Kinect and really enjoyed the motion gaming. But I could be wrong. Motion gaming is a form of exercise and people are lazy and will probably settle for tablets and smart phones. But the Xbox revealed a way to use your tablet for your Xbox and the Wii is making the wii u, and playstation is making... I don't really now what the playstation is working on QQ

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    Well, somewhat. People still play the classics and even the classic remakes, but iPad games and computer games are popular (Minecraft, angry birds...)

    But there is still some demand for video games- Call of Duty, Legend of Zelda.

  • 8 years ago

    Simply because creating games takes awhile and absolutely, hands down, grueling.

    People can also pirate games and download emulators because of the easy-access format companies are choosing to use as part of their "state of the art" gaming design.

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  • 8 years ago

    I can't agree with you there. You say video games sales have been terrible lately when there are games that sell millions of copies during their first week of release. Yea, the sales are terrible.

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    Classic ftw!

    But times are changing me teenager just want fps

    Mario 3d? **** it bring back Mario 64 D:

    Sonic don't get me started on that blue hedgehog...

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