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What's going on with me? Help!!?

Yesterday I started my period and now today this morning I woke up with stomach aches and back aches and it's still going on. I pooped like 4 times and I threw up. What should I do or whats going on? Also I feel sick when I see or smell food! And I haven't had sex since January ... And I can't stand up? What is this ?

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    It's probably just a bad period that can happen from time to time, or you could be sick from something you ate, I wouldn't worry about it unless it gets worse, because you might be sick and need to go to the doctor.

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    You're probably just having a bad period, or have some kind of sickness bug... but, to be honest, it may sound silly but, some women don't know they're pregnant until the later months if they don't take a test. I'd advise you to check just incase:) x x x

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    drink lot of water before you sleep and think positively before you are going to bed.

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