What about 'another law': 'love thy neighbour'. Is it ok?

Hint: Matthew 5:43

Along with love thy neighbour (law)

comes 'AND' hate thine enemy (law).

Hint: Romans 7 (paraphrased)

Paul tried 'another law'. It 'concupiscence'-d him,

made him do the things he would not do, and

it hindered him from doing things he would do,

then hounded him with a guilt trip about such

till he felt as "wretched" as PTSD, even suicidal.

So in Romans 7:10 Paul reveals that what he'd

thought to be unto life, was actually unto death.

Hint: Matthew 22:36-40

- Law1

- Law2

The 2nd is like the 1st. It's Law.

So then it's also Sin and Death.

Hint: Revelation 13

Beast1<--Beast2 is

like Law1<--Law2 is

like Ouch1<--Ouch2,

Vengeance is mine

saith Law1 to Law2

No excuse me in the curse of the Law

concludes sinners all, none righteous.

and if Law not put away, then

it becomes Death1 or Death2

instead of eternal life, which

is life void of death

2 Answers

  • Dana
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    so we can love thy neighbor in more xx ways is that what you mean?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    My husband wouldn't appreciate...

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