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reverse sneeze and vomiting?

This morning when my 4 year old Jack Russell started reverse sneezing and then threw up. It was yellow and white and smelled like sour milk( ewwww). She only eats dog food and I give her chicken as treats. Then she started reverse sneezing again she has done this about six times in the last hour. Should I be worried? Its freaking her out, but in between episodes she is playing with my news puppy. What do you think?

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  • Leele
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    8 years ago
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    She is up set and anxious by you having a new puppy. What you refer to as reverse sneezing is a problem to many small breeds. When they are stressed in any way the trachea can become twisted or flatten and sounds like a severe asthma attack. She needs you to be calm and reassuring. When it is happening, gently lift her muzzle and straighten her head and neck. Your job is to reassure her that you are taking good care of her and she is still your number one dog. She is not jealous, she is afraid she is being replaced. Dogs like constant routine. Chicken was a surprise and more change. Do not give treats for no reaon. They need to work for treats. Try to restablish her routine and include her new friend, keeping the JRT, always first. When giving treats for tricks or new routines, be sure it is small and gradual and calm. Excitement is confusing and causes anxiety. Even good stress can be a problem to a dog. She does not speak or understand speech. She gets emotion and excitement and that causes her stress. When you are calm and deliberate and reassuring everything will be fine.

  • Morgan
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    8 years ago

    take her to the vet

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