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If the earth has been around for over 4 billion years and apes turn into human in 7 million years, why aren't we seeing anymore dramatic changes in evolution for humans anymore. Of course, you can say Asians got taller, and we now have blues, but is that it? Why aren't we evolving into something else? And where did scientist come up with this anyway?

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    1. Evolution is very slow. A million years is talked about in geology and paleontology etc like it is a short period of time but when you think we as humans live for say 80 years, thats less than a century, which is a lot less than 1000years which is a whole lot less than 100,000 years and a heck of lot shorter than 1 million years. A million years is actually a long period of time in our terms and a million years is really the length of time you need to see decent changes in how some species look.

    2. We did not evolve from apes. Humans and apes evolved from the same ancestor (species).

    3. Humans like all others plants, animals, bacteria, fungi and protozoans (and viruses) evolve. Don't isolate humans, EVERY species evolves.

    4. What we will evolve into, is dependent on what selection pressures there are. There are current trends we can see eg getting taller BUT in the future the trend may be something else.

    5. Scientists did not come up with this on a whim or looked at one species and decided to base everything on that. Darwin is the most famous person associated with evolution by the process of natural selection (since he published his book explaining ideas clearly for the first time), but since that time lots more evidence from genetics and fossils and understanding more about the processes have expanded upon it since. Also scientists didn't " come up" with it, the evidence is there, we just put a name to (like gravity).

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    1) According to evolutionists, Humans evolved from apes? Humans are apes by definition. Linnaeus classified us as such and he was a creationist. 2) There are many proven facts in science, but evolution is just a theory. False due to a misunderstanding of the word theory. A fact, in science, is a discrete point of information. Theories connect facts and explain them. There is no higher classification than theory. 3) A transitional form is a fossil of an animal that is part one species and part another. False. All organisms are transitional. 4) The age of the earth is determined by scientists solely through the radioactive dating of fossils ? The age of the Earth was determined by dating a meteor on the assumption that the Solar System was all the same age. All other calculations fit the age found. 5) The scientific method begins with a prediction and then looks for evidence to support that prediction? It begins with observation. Then a hypothesis is formed from that observation. After the hypothesis is formed, scientists look for evidence to support or falsify the hypothesis. 6) The theory of evolution includes the Big Bang? False. 7) To believe in evolution is to believe that life and matter came from nothing? False.

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    To answer your first question, evolution is a ridiculously slow process. So slow that 7 million years is only about enough time for superficial changes such as hair growth and height deviations. Also 7 million is just a rough idea of when true humans finally became truly distinct from chimps. The actual process of going from Chimpanzee to Human would have taken millions of years by itself.

    To answer the second question, evolution takes place for a couple of different reasons. First from outside effects on the species in question. Changes in climate and habitat will prompt creatures to change and adapt to their new surroundings, however again this will take a very long time, probably millions of years. The other is from mutation. When a creature is born with a genetic mutation it is usually a bad thing, the mutation is random and will likely hinder the critter more than helping it and thus prevent it from surviving to reproduce and preventing the mutation from being passed on. However it is possible for a mutation to be advantageous to the species and it will propagate by naturally aiding that specific creature to survive and reproduce, thus spreading the mutation out across the species over a few generations.

    There are many reasons scientists have decided that evolution takes place. Read up on Charles Darwin on and check out articles on evolution there as well. Darwin is basically the originator of the evolution theory and has a lot of compelling evidence to back it up.

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    I don't think you understand how evolution works.

    In the case of humans, like most life forms, the change wasn't sudden. It was gradual over millenia.

    What we would consider modern humans started showing up around 200,000YA.

    The Homo genus didn't first appear until around 3-4 MYA, but they are nothing like modern humans.

    The best way to think about it is to think about how similar you appear to your father. Your grand father looks a little less like you, but you can still recognize him as family. The Same with your great grand father.

    Now if you take that back a 100 generations or so, to around 1,000 B.C. that ancestor will look nothing like you but it will still be obvious that you are the same species.

    Now take it back 10,000 generations, to around 300,000 YA. This ancestor would not be a human (Homo Sapien Sapien) at all. Maybe he was part of the Homo Erectus species.

    Go back 100,000 generations and your ancestor would have been a member of the Australopithecus species.

    Go back 100 million generations, and your ancestor would have been some type of fish.

    A billion generations, and he likely would have been a bacteria or some single celled organism.

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  • 8 years ago

    And we are changing!

    But we can't see it because the changes are too little, and because you see a person every day that you don't even notice!

    Our life expectancy has increased;

    Our bodies are developing faster; (you see more kids with 16 year old with more beard that in the 90's)

    We are getting smarter, (the proof is development of new technologies)

    We are changing everyday...


  • the only process of evolution that has ever been observed is micro evolution or variation.

    there is no evidence that the earth is 4 B years old (actually there is proof that it is not that old) and there is no evidence that we came from apes.

    people have always been people and apes have always been apes.

    adding millions or billions of years dos'nt help the facts we see today.

    some scientist already assuming the earth is billions of years old assume that variations can lead to macro evolution. but there assumptions are what they are basing there theories off of

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    Because evolution did not occur,you see god created like we humans create and stands apart from his creation like we humans stand apart from our creations,I can create a engine but I am not apart of the engine. God created the universe but is not apart of the universe,thus is not controlled by the laws of nature.God created the apes,apart from man,else the apes and man can reproduce each other and they cannot. question ;Did the Zebra evolve from the horse or the Horse from the Zebra?

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    You mean into X-men?

  • what part of millions of years did you not understand?

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