Choosing a BB gun (accurate at 30ft)?

I know almost nothing about this stuff and I was looking for some help. I want a new BB gun that would be powerful enough to break through plastic (like a jug) and accurate enough to hit a mark at about 30 feet. Hopefully this is realistic. I had used a buddies but it was a weaker one (300fps i think) and it wouldn't break through a plastic McDonalds cup at point-blank distance and just bounced off and cracked it a little. I want something that can break through easily. I'm not really looking at a pellet gun because from what I've seen a lot of them are single shot break barrels and I want something more for just target practice and hitting cans (but I want to be able to say aim at a letter on a can and hit it like I can with a real gun or at least within a quarter size). Pumping isn't a problem at all. And also for whichever gun recommended some tips or BB recommendations would be highly appreciated. this is the one I was looking at but I just don't know enough about this stuff and some of the reviews scare me a little. Thanks in advance for the help guys!


sorry i left this out. I'm not looking to spend a fortune for things like a wood stock and such I just want it to shoot like i want it. Sound level doesnt matter to me either. Also if anyone has any scope recommendations those would be helpful also (being theyre compatible with the gun, again i dont know much about this)

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  • 8 years ago
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    PCP air guns are the best. They offer enough power for target practice, or for large game hunting such as wild bore and deer. They require no pumping, no breaking of the barrel, or anything like that. You fill them up with a air compressor or a portable scuba tank. They are the most popular air gun for hunting. They can offer extreme velocities of 1500 fps. They come in lots of calibers. From .177 cal, all the way up to the big bore air rifles such as .50 caliber. The larger the caliber, the less velocity it will have, but it will cause more damage. .177 caliber is designed for target practice, and larger calibers such as .22, .25, and up are designed for hunting. My personal favorite is the .25 caliber. They offer great velocites in PCP. The Benjamin Maruader has enough power to take down larger game such as coyote. This is not suggested with smaller caliber air guns. Just because an air rifle has high velocity such as 1000 fps, does not mean it can take down large game, or any sort of game. If you're going to be doing any kind of small-medium game hunting, .25 caliber air rifles are highly reccomended. I personally like the .25 even just for target practice. Because it will rip your target apart easily. And the pellets are larger and heavier, so the wind is almost no challenge for them. Check out some PCP air guns on the internet. Just google it. You'll be suprised at the results.

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