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Sara I'm too fat and u said I wil drink 4cups of milk is it good for me.i think it wil maks me grow more fatt?

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    You can only gain fat or weight by eating in a caloric surplus. That means that you are eating more than your body burns in one day. If you consume 3000 calories and only burn 2200, that excess of 800 calories will transfer into weight gain. Not of of the weight gain will be fat but over an extended period of time, like one month that 800 calorie surplus for 30 days is now 24,000 calories. This excess of calories will definitely lead to lots of fat gain. So my answer to your question is to use this calorie calculator: Then enter all the info needed and try the recommended calories per day for ONE MONTH and see if you are gaining weight, or losing weight. If gaining weight, decrease that number by 300 calories and repeat the process until you are losing weight.

    Eating a specific food item like milk is not going to magically make you skinny. It may be good for you because of the abundance of protein but that is only 24 grams of protein in 4 cups of milk and that is 400 calories! You are much better of taking a whey protein supplement because you can get the same amount of protein (and less fat and carbs) for only 120 calories! IT IS ALL ABOUT COUNTING CALORIES AND PORTION CONTROL!!!!

    whey protein supplement suggestion:

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    If it is lowfat milk it can be healthy for you but i recomend drinking water instead of milk, no calories and you will lose weight.

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