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C B asked in HealthMen's Health · 8 years ago

Should I go to the hospital?

I've been having quite severe chest pain for 13 days now, it is a constant tight pain in my chest / upto my left shoulder and arm.

it seems every day though it gets worse and its becoming almost unbearable. It is so bad I have been having big trouble getting out of bed because the pain is so bad, when I breathe heavily that hurts too.

I just don't know whether to go to the hospital or not, this problem is really effecting my work and I've had to take a couple of days off, since my job involves alot of heavy lifting, but since I had the problem I have been taking it easy

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  • Stefan
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    8 years ago

    You don't know how severe it could be, most chest however can be extremely consequential. You should go to an emergence room to a hospital if it continues to get worse. It is probably a problem with your heart as you lift heavy items.

    It could be possible because of you diet, whatever the reason visit the doctor.

  • 8 years ago

    yes better safe than sorry chum

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